Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vampire in the Bahamas!

Vampire Candy Basket took a cruise to the Bahamas, he had a blast, check out the pics below:

Vampire Candy Basket made a little friend who was just his size:

He didn't feel like walking around so he hopped in this little stroller, we had to tell him that's not ours so we couldn't use it!

Waiting for a fruity drink:

Enjoying the sand at the beach:

He had some fans at Senor Frogs:

Yes, Vampire Candy Basket goes Commando:

Uh oh, looks like Vampire Candy Basket needs to grow a little taller before he can legally drink at Senor Frogs :(

Hangin' out where the partys at!

Working on his tan on the cruise ship:

Hanging out by the pool:

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